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The inspiration to build FAMARA came from a desire to create a simple, yet classic wardrobe for the adventurous woman. 


The brand name was inspired by FAMARA beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in Lanzarote, with its pale golden sand that stretches for over five kilometres.  It's where I fell in love with a country & a culture that encouraged me to adventure
further than I thought would be possible. 

That is the underpinning message of our clothing and is why we embrace earthy and oceanic colours into our collections, working with natural fabrics where possible.

FAMARA is for the woman that is adventurous - both in

her outlook and in her style. Therefore, above all, we consider the versatility of the product and the different ways we can layer pieces to create an entirely individual look.

Our founding director is an artist at heart, and it is art that underpins our uniquely styles collection of clothing for adventurous women.

Fashion is Art.

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