Pre-Pandemic we had a wonderful shop in Marlborough. We still have a lot of our garments and accessories and it seems a shame to let them go. Enjoy! 


Silk Linen Scarves

These beautiful  soft silk linen blend, can be worn in winter or summer. They're 1.5m wide so more like a pashmina and come in a variety of colours!   Choose one, or buy a few and layer them together! 

Silk Shirt

These oversized shirts have a slightly longer hemline at the back to create a flattering line for any shape. 

The shirts are 100% silk and have a gloriously buttery feel on the skin.


Silk Camisole

Timeless silk.  Stunning simple camisole with low back detail, this camisole is irresistibly soft against the skin. Can be worn with ripped jeans for a boho look, a great addition for your night out & business wardrobe, or as pyjamas.

White Linen Shirt

A classic soft white cotton/linen shirt. Beautifully sculted to look fabulous for smart or casual wear. 

Pair with ripped jeans, or stylish classic cut trousers for a simply timless look.