Confidence is the best accessory. It can make or break an outfit.     




About Claire

I have been teaching Pilates and Circuit training classes in Maidenhead and Cookham for about 11 years now. As well as an Instructor I am also a part time radiographer with a particular interest in MRI scanning. But most importantly I am a mum, to my two beautiful girls.

I have found over the years a real addiction to exercise and really enjoy the benefits for both body and mind. I love to see the progression that people make in my classes and seeing my students also getting the buzz out of exercise and learning about their bodies and their strengths. Hence the name FitBuzz!

I love the combination of my two jobs and I find they compliment each other beautifully. I like to teach, fun but informative classes so my students have an increased awareness and understanding of their bodies.

We all like to feel good in our own skin and what we wear can really help to enhance that feeling. I love feeling stylish in my sports gear too. I have found that Famara Active leggings do just that. They tick all the boxes for me in terms of comfort and I love that they are high waisted so they are super flattering around the middle. The original designs are gorgeous and very eye-catching. My students often comment on them asking where they are from.