Black Orchid

Really excited to be launching our Black Orchid leggings this July simply the most exciting design we've launched so far! Why? Because it's subtle, understated and yet bum-huggingly perfect!

We used our time in the Marlborough pop up shop to find out more about our customers - I guess that is second nature to a marketer like myself! It was by far the most interesting journey and showed me I had made plenty of misguided assumptions and costly mistakes when it came to buying stock. However, now we feel we know our ladies and their wants very well!

We found that our leggings suit all ages, and sizes. We also found out that they liked our price point, comparing the fabric to market leaders, and always commenting on the fact it doesn't go see through when it stretches. We discovered that some like bold and bright, others like moody and subtle, but there was one common thing that literally everyone asked me :

"Do you do black and white?"

Not hard therefore, for the team and I to decide that our 2020 launch would be all about black and white!

Our next decision was which artwork to use. Black and white can appear quite severe if used in angular lines - and although I realise that this is popular with brands like Nike and Adidas we felt our ladies wanted to embrace their femininity.

We looked at other reviews, and comments from our customers and this told another story. I knew that our ladies love the fluid lines and flow of FAMARA designs that have originated from an original painting.

We trialled a couple of designs before settling on this floral design inspired by a piece of art I painted in 2016. It gave us some lovely fluid feminine lines that contrasted well with the two tone palette.

The large blooms disguise any wobbles well, and the placement of the black and white pattern brings focus to the good bits and detracts from those areas we like to hide. We always create a high waistband that flatters, and use our hugely popular high-performance fabric.

This year we're also adding to our capri and long length legging by bringing in two short lengths. One mid thigh that is perfect for all exercise during the summer months and that we're planning to promote not only for running but also as SUP-wear.

The fabric is so moisture wicking and doesn't get laden heavy with water when immersed, so these are perfect for the days you want to be out on your SUP and it's too warm for a wetsuit yet you need something more than just a bikini.

This, we hope, will be the start of the beach collections that are planned for 2021.

We KNOW Black Orchid is already popular we've had a lot of pre-orders, so if you are keen to grab yourself a pair of this latest design, place your order as usual and we'll notify you when we've shipped! (Anticipating mid-july!)

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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