Choosing your Activewear Brand

With so many brands of ladies activewear available on the market, what do you choose? There are a number of upcoming UK brands making an appearance in the market, as well as our super brands like Sweaty Betty, LuluLemon and GymShark. Price is a factor, after all if all you’re going to do is sweat in them, then why spend a fortune.

However research tells us that Activewear is called that specifically because women want to wear one outfit from when they wake up, until when they cosy up in the evening, regardless of whether they are shopping, dropping the kids at school or working out at the gym.

· It’s vital that the fabric allows breathability, allowing us to sweat but feel comfortable after a run or workout, and carry on with the day.

· It’s important that we are style conscious and that the leggings look fabulous with trainers but also with boots and a baggy jumper.

· It’s also crucial that we don’t find ‘knees” and “bobbles” (pilling) in our leggings as there is simply NOTHING less attractive than baggy knees and bobbles!

· A higher waistband is important for anyone carrying a little extra weight behind. Why? When you bend over the waistband will naturally lower and builders bums are not a good look in the yoga class!