The Beginning

We were asked recently 'Why did you choose the brand name FAMARA'?   We love telling this story!  

In 2016 I came across a self development technique - that instructed the participants to spend one week repeating a mantra. "It's easy making money doing what you love" and to write down any inspiration that came to mind. 

I wrote down all the things I loved.

Adventure, Art, Individuality, Style, Golf, Sailing, Art, Beachlife, Natural fabrics, FAMARA beach, Surfing . . .

FAMARA beach is the most stunning beach I'd visited, not only the wide expanse of sand but also the majesty of the cliffs that run parallel, the turquoise crashing waves, the positive energy of the sports people that kite surf, run, surf and do yoga right there, but also it's where I learned to learn to love life again!

It seemed a perfect name for the brand I wanted to create. For people that love adventure, love sport, and love life! The inspiration for FAMARA was born.

My main hobbies are sailing and golf, and, as an emerging artist I begun to create my artwork into fabric and working with an amazing team we started to produce designs for sporting collections and stylish accessories 

This was a completely new idea and during the first year of production we made mistake after mistake with suppliers.  Without investment, our credit cards were bending with the overload. We worked tirelessly in day jobs to pay the bills and also to re-invest into the business. Tenacity became a way of life and sleep became a distant memory. 

Over the following year, we tried and tested new designs and fabrics, nurtured our suppliers, produced many other products featuring the art inspired designs, but nothing spoke to us more than women that love adventure.

Our Activewear and Leisurewear creates a capsule wardrobe that can not only be used for sport but also for everyday life. Can be dressed up and dressed down and can be crammed into a rucksack for a weekend's hike up the Dolomites, and worn with heels to a cocktail party in the evening.

Versatility is key with our garments and our customers seem to agree! Our new website is launched, our collections reflect our energy and zest for life and we're creating our FAMARA tribe for women that love adventure.

Thank you.

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