What's all the fuss about a white tee?

SO what's the fuss about a white tee shirt? My #wardrobestaple, and the outfit most people expect to see me in, has always been a white tee with jeans and cowboy boots. It's simple, classic, and if worn well, emanates femininity. At one point I counted that I had 36 white tee's in my wardrobe! I then realised with only 7 days in a week and a washing machine this was a little excessive and although I've reduced my obsession for them, you'd still find far too many in my wardrobe even now - aged 55. Over the years I've done my research to find what makes the perfect white tee. With more than one of my friends wholeheartedly agreeing with my findings - it seems there is so much more required of this simple fashion friend. GAP was always the best for a white tee, good price, bright white, tight fitting, never losing its shape. Over the last few years I'm sad to say that they have changed the fabric to a ribbed cotton that just doesn't hug the body like it should (and don't even get me started on wide ribbed necklines!!), that goes out of shape after one wear, and that just doesn't have the "it" that it used to. Almost all other brands are too long in the body - a proper white tee should fit to just at belt-line, so that a little tanned mid-rif can sneak a little peek above a leather belt, and can still draw attention to (and flatter) a waistline. It was really important to me that FAMARA would introduce some staple wardrobe pieces into our collections. When layering, and building a look for different shaped customers, we realised it was critical to have some classic 'fall-back' reliable faves, and not just focus on the the latest look. I searched for over a year to bring this beauty into our collection - it is 100% organic cotton (also important to us) and has a buttery cotton finish, that hugs your shape perfectly. The slim hem on the neck is just enough "scoop" to be feminine and yet still maintain that "Levi" rock chick look. I can't resist the designs we're using to launch our tees - all based around our love of Lanzarote - our home for almost 4 years. The gecko, (friends that scurry around our patio) and the awesome Famara waves and long beaches, and a combination of both! There are more designs to come for next year, because we plan for this tee to be with us for a long time! We've chosen a palette of gorgeous vibrant colours and designs to kick start the range, and added colourful silk/linen scarves/sarongs so you can dress up or dress down, layer with jackets whether denim or corporate, or simply pull on with your trusty denims. So what's all the fuss about a white tee? You'll know once you try ours on! @justlizzi @famaraonline #wemakeclothesforadventurouswomen