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Loving the new leggings! They are so soft, super stretchy and super comfortable - and not see through! So deadlifts are done really confidently!!! They make a change from my usual uniform of black and have encouraged me to have different colour tops too!



Just purchased the Capri leggings which are fantastic quality. I am super picky but they tick all the boxes. Soft yet supportive, high waisted and amazing to work out in. Highly recommended.

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Fantastic product! I ordered the full-length leggings (Shanghai Dawn design). The colours are gorgeous, and every time I wear them I get compliments about them. The fabric is soft and light, they have a nice wide waistband, and they are without doubt the most comfy leggings I’ve ever owned. As an extra bonus, I recently discovered that they do very well in the rain.

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My husband bought me some of the wonderful Famara leggings for Christmas - they are so comfortable for gym work and running. With the recent warmer weather I ordered some Capri ones online. Quick delivery and just as good as the full length ones. The colours are gorgeous. Thankyou!



I love feeling stylish in my sports gear. I have found that Famara Active leggings do just that. They tick all the boxes for me in terms of comfort and I love that they are high waisted so they are super flattering around the middle. The original designs are gorgeous and very eye-catching. 



I was lucky enough to win and I have to say I'm in love with the leggings they are a perfect fit super comfy and such gorgeous colours. can't wait to be able to wear them to my fitness classes

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I am allergic to all new materials but the Famara leggings are such high quality that I can wear them everyday without problem. The cut is perfect, the stitching almost seamless ...and well the unique sensation of wearing an art piece teaching my dance and fitness classes

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Absolutely love my FAMARA gym wear and tee shirts. Beautiful, unique, high quality designs.

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I can't tell you how fabulous my capri leggings are. Super soft, super stretchy and super comfortable - and the design I went for is wonderfully different to my usual default colour (black). I bought for exercising in but suspect they might sneak into every day wear!



I've been teaching yoga for 20 years. I love FAMARA leggings, the ethos of the company, the association with art as the source of inspiration and the quality and feel of the fabric. 

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